Overview ColdFusion Open BlueDragon Lucee

Creates, registers, and administers Solr search engine collections. A collection that is created with the cfcollection tag is internal. A collection created any other way is external.


Name Required Type Default Description
action Yes String list categorylist: retrieves categories from the collection and indicates how many documents are in each one. Returns a structure of structures in which the category representing each substructure is associated with a number of documents. For a category in a category tree, the number of documents is the number at or below that level in the tree. create: registers the collection with CFML. - If the collection is present: creates a map to it - If the collection is not present: creates it delete: unregisters a collection. - If the collection was registered with action = create: deletes its directories - If the collection was registered and mapped: does not delete collection directories optimize: optimizes the structure and contents of the collection for searching; recovers space. list: returns a query result set, named from the name attribute value, of the attributes of the collections that are registered by CF Server.
categories No Boolean false Used only for creating a collection: - true: This collection includes support for categories. - false: This collection does not support categories. Default.
collection No String A collection name. The name can include spaces
engine No String No Help Available
language No String english
name No String Name for the query results returned by the list action.
path No String Absolute path to a SOLR collection.
relative No a flag to determine if the 'path' attribute, if presented, is relative to the web path. Used for ACTION=create
storebody No a flag to determine if the body is stored as a whole in the index. For large collections this can take up a lot of space. Used for ACTION=create