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Displays a custom HTML page when an error occurs. This lets you maintain a consistent look and feel among an application's functional and error pages


Name Required Type Default Description
exception No String any Type of exception that the tag handles: application: application exceptions database: database exceptions template: CFML page exceptions security: security exceptions object: object exceptions missingInclude: missing include file exceptions expression: expression exceptions lock: lock exceptions custom_type: developer-defined exceptions, defined in the cfthrow tag any: all exception types
mailto No String An E-mail address. This attribute is available on the error page as the variable error.mailto. CFML does not automatically send anything to this address.
template Yes String Relative path to the custom error page. (A CFML page was formerly called a template.)
type Yes String Type of error that the custom error page handles. The type also determines how CFML handles the error page. For more information, see Specifying a custom error page in Developing CFML MX Applications. exception: a exception of the type specified by the exception attribute. validation: errors recognized by sever-side type validation. request: any encountered error.