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Used within a cfgrid tag. Updates data sources directly from edited grid data. This tag provides a direct interface with your data source. This tag applies delete row actions first, then insert row actions, then update row actions. If it encounters an error, it stops processing rows.


Name Required Type Default Description
clientinfo No Struct Struct that contains Clientinfo properties to be set on the database connection
connectstring No The contents of a connection string to send to the ODBC server. When connecting to a data source defined in the ColdFusion Administrator, you can use this attribute to specify additional connection details or to override connection information specified in the Administrator. If you are dynamically connecting to a datasource by specifying dbType = "dynamic", the connection string must specify all required ODBC connection attributes.
datasource Yes String Name of data source for the update action.
dbname No The database name (Sybase System 11 driver and SQLOLEDB provider only). If specified, dbName overrides the default database specified in the data source.
dbserver No For native database drivers and the SQLOLEDB provider, specifies the name of the database server computer. If specified, dbServer overrides the server specified in the data source.
dbtype No The database driver type
grid Yes String Name of cfgrid form element that is the source for the update action.
keyonly No Boolean Applies to the update action: Yes: the WHERE criteria are limited to the key values No: the WHERE criteria include key values and the original values of changed fields
password No String Overrides password specified in ODBC setup.
provider No COM provider (OLE-DB only).
providerdsn No Data source name for the COM provider (OLE-DB only).
tablename Yes String Table in which to insert form fields. ORACLE drivers: must be uppercase. Sybase driver: case-sensitive. Must be the same case used when table was created
tableowner No String Table owner, if supported.
tablequalifier No String For data sources that support table qualifiers, use this field to specify qualifier for table. The purpose of table qualifiers varies among drivers. For SQL Server and Oracle, qualifier refers to name of database that contains table. For Intersolv dBASE driver, qualifier refers to directory where DBF files are located.
username No String Overrides username specified in ODBC setup.