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Does either of the following: * Invokes a component method from within a CFML page or component. * Invokes a web service. Different attribute combonations make some attributes required at sometimes and not at others.


Name Required Type Default Description
argumentcollection No String Name of a structure; associative array of arguments to pass to the method.
component No String String or component object; a reference to a component, or component to instantiate.
method Yes String Name of a method. For a web service, the name of an operation.
password No String Overrides passowrd specified in Administrator > Web Services
proxypassword No String The user's password on the proxy server.
proxyport No Numeric The port to use on The proxy server.
proxyserver No String The proxy server required to access the webservice URL.
proxyuser No String The user ID to send to the proxy server.
refreshwsdl No Boolean false * yes: reload the WSDL file and regenerate the artifacts used to consume the web service * no
returnvariable No VariableName Name of a variable for the invocation result.
serviceport No String The port name for the web service. This value is case-sensitive and corresponds to the port element's name attribute under the service element. Specify this attribute if the web service contains multiple ports. Default: first port found in the WSDL.
timeout No Numeric The timeout for the web service request, in seconds
username No String Overrides username specified in Administrator > Web Services
webservice No URL The URL of the WSDL file for the web service.
wsdl2javaargs No String A string that contains a space-delimited list of arguments to pass to the WSDL2Java tool that generates Java stubs for the web services.
wsversion No String Specifies the version of Axis to be used. If it is "1" then axis 1 will be used and if it is "2" then Axis 2 will be used