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Writes a message to a log file.


Name Required Type Default Description
application No Boolean Log application name, if it is specified in a cfapplication tag.
async No only works in combination with the attribute "file", if set to true the file is written in a separate thread.
charset No
date No Specifies whether to log the system date.
exception No The message text to log.
file No String Message file. Specify only the main part of the filename. For example, to log to the Testing.log file, specify "Testing". The file must be located in the default log directory. You cannot specify a directory path. If the file does not exist, it is created automatically, with the suffix .log.
log No String If you omit the file attribute, writes messages to standard log file. Ignored, if you specify file attribute. Application: writes to Application.log, normally used for application-specific messages. Scheduler: writes to Scheduler.log, normally used to log the execution of scheduled tasks.
text Yes String Message text to log.
thread No Specifies whether to log the thread ID. The thread ID identifies which internal service thread logged a message. Since a service thread normally services a CFML page request to completion, then moves on to the next queued request, the thread ID serves as a rough indication of which request logged a message. Leaving thread IDs turned on can help diagnose patterns of server activity.
time No Specifies whether to log the system time.
type No String Type (severity) of the message