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Attaches a file or adds a header to an e-mail message. Can only be used in the cfmail tag. You can use more than one cfmailparam tag within a cfmail tag.


Name Required Type Default Description
content No String Lets you send the contents of aColdFusion variable as an attachment
contentID No String The Identifier for the attached file. This ID should be globally unique and is used to identify the file in an IMG or other tag in the mail body that references the file content.
disposition No String attachment How the attached file is to be handled. Can be one of the following: - attachment: present the file as an attachment - inline: display the file contents in the message
file No String Attaches file to a message. Mutually exclusive with name attribute. The file is MIME encoded before sending.
name No String Name of header. Case-insensitive. Mutually exclusive with file attribute. The values listed are from rfc2822
remove No Boolean Tells ColdFusion to remove any attachments after successful mail delivery.
type No String The MIME media type of the part. Can be a can be valid MIME media type
uridirectory No Is the path to the file relative to the document root
value No String Value of the header.