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Invokes a custom tag for use in CFML application pages. This tag processes custom tag name conflicts.


Name Required Type Default Description
attributecollection No Struct A collection of key-value pairs that represent attribute names and values. You can specify multiple key-value pairs. You can specify this attribute only once.
name No String Mutually exclusive with the template attribute. A custom tag name, in the form "Name.Name.Name..." Identifies subdirectory, under the CFML tag root directory, that contains custom tag page. For example (Windows format): This identifies the page GetUserOptions.cfm in the directory CustomTags\superduper\Forums40 under the CFML root directory.
page No If no TEMPLATE, then the PAGE can be used, which is the URL for include
runonce No If this flag is set, then the template is only rendered once, even if included later on in the request, without this flag set
template No String Mutually exclusive with the name attribute. A path to the page that implements the tag. Relative path: expanded from the current page Absolute path: expanded using CFML mapping A physical path is not valid.