Overview ColdFusion Open BlueDragon Lucee

Displays output that can contain the results of processing CFML variables and functions. Can loop over the results of a database query.


Name Required Type Default Description
endrow No Last row of query that is included. You cannot use this attribute together with the attribute maxRows.
group No String Query column to use to group sets of records. Eliminates adjacent duplicate rows when data is sorted. Use if you retrieved a record set ordered on one or more a query columns. For example, if a record set is ordered on "Customer_ID" in the cfquery tag, you can group the output on "Customer_ID."
groupcasesensitive No Boolean Whether to consider the case in grouping rows.
maxrows No Numeric Maximum number of rows to display.
query No Query Name of cfquery from which to draw data for output section.
startrow No Numeric Row from which to start output.