Overview ColdFusion Open BlueDragon Lucee

Provides additional information for the cfpdf tag. The cfpdfparam tag applies only to the merge action of the cfpdf tag and is always a child tag of the cfpdf tag.

Available: Yes
End Tag: No
Attribute Collection: Yes
Allows any Attribute: No
Introduced: Railo 3.0


Name Required Type Default Description
pages No String age or pages of the PDF source file to merge. You can specify a range of pages, for example, "1-5 ", or a comma-separated list of pages, for example, "1-5,9-10,18".
password No String User or owner password, if the source PDF file is password-protected.
source Yes Any Source PDF file to merge. You can specify a PDF variable, a cfdocument variable, or the pathname to a file.