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Retrieves or deletes e-mail messages from a POP mail server.


Name Required Type Default Description
action No String getHeaderOnly: returns message header information only getAll: returns message header information, message text, and attachments if attachmentPath is specified delete: deletes messages on POP server
attachmentpath No String If action="getAll", specifies a directory in which to save any attachments. If the directory does not exist, CFML creates it. If you omit this attribute, CFML does not save any attachments. If you specify a relative path, the path root is the CFML temporary directory, which is returned by the GetTempDirectory function.
debug No
generateuniquefilenames No Boolean Yes: Generate unique filenames for files attached to an e-mail message, to avoid naming conflicts when files are saved
maxrows No Numeric Number of messages to return or delete, starting with the number in startRow. Ignored if messageNumber or uid is specified.
messagenumber No Numeric Message number or comma-delimited list of message numbers to get or delete. Invalid message numbers are ignored. Ignored if uid is specified.
name No String Name for query object that contains the retrieved message information.
password No String Overrides password
port No Numeric POP port
secure No Boolean If true, uses POP3S
server Yes String POP server identifier: A host name; for example, "" An IP address; for example, ""
startrow No Numeric First row number to get or delete. Ignored if messageNumber or uid is specified.
timeout No Numeric Maximum time, in seconds, to wait for mail processing
uid No String UID or a comma-delimited list of UIDs to get or delete. Invalid UIDs are ignored.
username No String Overrides username.