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Defines stored procedure parameters. This tag is nested within a cfstoredproc tag.


Name Required Type Default Description
cfsqltype Yes String SQL type to which the parameter (any type) is bound. CFML supports the following values, where the last element of the name corresponds to the SQL data type. Different database systems might support different subsets of this list. See your DBMS documentation for information on supported parameter types.
dbvarname No String Stored procedure variable name. Directly matches to the nameof the procedure parameter.
list No Flag to determine if this represents a list
maxlength No Numeric 0 Maximum length of a string or character IN or INOUT value attribute. A maxLength of 0 allows any length. The maxLength attribute is not required when specifying type=out.
null No Boolean false Whether the parameter is passed in as a null value. Not used with OUT type parameters.
padding No The number of characters this data is padded out to
scale No Numeric 0 Number of decimal places in numeric parameter. A scale of 0 allows any number of decimal places.
separator No If this is a list, then this is the delimiter for the list
sqltype No The SQL type that the parameter (any type) will be bound to.
type No String in in: The parameter is used to send data to the database system only. Passes the parameter by value. out: The parameter is used to receive data from the database system only. Passes the parameter as a bound variable. inout: The parameter is used to send and receive data. Passes the parameter as a bound variable.
value No String Value that CFML passes to the stored procedure.
variable No String CFML variable name; references the value that the output parameter has after the stored procedure is called.