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Passes input parameters to a ColdFusion Report Builder report definition. Allowed inside cfreport tag bodies only.


Name Required Type Default Description
chart No String Name of the chart contained in a report or subreport. The value of this attribute must match Name property of a chart defined in the Report Builder report.
name No String Variable name for data that is passed. The ColdFusion Report Builder report definition must include an input parameter that matches this name.
query No Query Query value to pass to a subreport or chart. The ColdFusion query must contain at least all of the columns included in the Report Builder query.
series No Numeric Ordinal number of a chart series to use for the query. This attribute is valid only when the chart attribute is specified.
style No String Style in CSS format for a subreport.
subreport No String Name of the subreport.
value No String Value of the data that is sent.