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Provides a programmatic interface to the CFML scheduling engine. Can run a CFML page at scheduled intervals, with the option to write the page output to a static HTML page. This feature enables you to schedule pages that publish data, such as reports, without waiting while a database transaction is performed to populate the page.


Name Required Type Default Description
action Yes String delete: Deletes the specified task update: Updates an existing task or creates a new task, if one with the name specified by the task attribute does not exist run: Executes the specified task pause : If only groupname is specified all tasks of the group will be paused resume: If only groupname is specified all tasks of the group will be resumed list : Lists all the scheduled tasks pauseall : Pauses all scheduled tasks for a particular application resumeall : Resumes all scheduled tasks for a particular application
autodelete No if set to true, the scheduled task get deleted when there is no possible future execution.
cluster No Boolean false Decides whether the given task to be executed in cluster setup
cronTime No String Time at which the task is to be executed, in cron job syntax
enddate No String Date when scheduled task ends.
endtime No Numeric Time when scheduled task ends (seconds).
eventHandler No String A cfc file whose pre-defined methods will be invoked for various events while running the task
exclude No String Comma separated dates or date range which should be excluded from scheduling period
file No String Name of the file in which to store the published output of the scheuled task
group No String The name of the group for the given task
hidden No
interval No String Interval at which task is scheduled. * number of seconds (minimum is 60) * once * daily * weekly * monthly
mode No String If it is server specific or application specific task
onComplete No String Names of the tasks to be executed once this task is done
onException No String REFIRE Action to be taken if the task throws an exception
onMisfire No Boolean NEXT_REMAINING Action to be taken if the task could not be executed at the scheduled time
operation No String Operation that the scheduler performs. Must be HTTPRequest.
overwrite No Boolean true Flag to indicate if log files should be overwritten when scheduled task executes
password No String Password, if URL is protected.
path No String Path to the directory in which to put the published file.
paused No
port No Numeric 80 Port to use on the server that is specified by the url parameter. If resolveURL = "yes", retrieved document URLs that specify a port number are automatically resolved, to preserve links in the retrieved document. A port value in the url attribute overrides this value.
priority No Numeric Priority of the task. Default is 5.
proxypassword No String Password to provide to the proxy server.
proxyport No Numeric 80 Port number to use on the proxy server.
proxyserver No String Host name or IP address of a proxy server.
proxyuser No String User name to provide to the proxy server.
publish No Boolean false Yes: save the result to a file No: does not
readonly No
repeat No Numeric Number of times the given task should be repeated
requesttimeout No Numeric Can be used to extend the default timeout period.
resolveurl No Boolean false Yes: resolve links in the output page to absolute references No: does not
result No String Name of the result variable
retrycount No Numeric How many times to continue re-firing in case job execution throws an exception
returnvariable No return variable name of action list
serverpassword No allow you to access filesystem, also when access is denied for your context
startdate No String Date on which to first run the scheuled task.
starttime No String Time at which to run the scheduled of task starts.
task Yes String Name of the task.
URL No URL URL of the page to execute.
username No String Username, if URL is protected.