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Executes a Java servlet on a JRun engine. This tag is used in conjunction with the cfserletparam tag, which passes data to the servlet.


Name Required Type Default Description
code No The class name of the Java servlet to execute.
debug No Boolean specifying whether additional information about the JRun connection status and activity is to be written to the JRun error log
jrunproxy No A remote computer where the JRun engine is executing. By default, the JRun engine is assumed to be on the host running ColdFusion. To indicate the name of a remote host, specify the IP address of the remote host followed by a colon and the port number at which JRun is listening. By default, for the JCP server, JRun 2.3.3 listens at port 8081; JRun 3.0 listens at port 51000.
timeout No Specifies how many seconds JRun waits for the servlet to complete before timing out.
writeoutput No Boolean specifying whether the text output of the tag should appear as inline text on the generated page or returned inside a ColdFusion variable for further processing . The default value, Yes, means output is returned as text to appear inline on the generated page. Setting it to No means no visible text is returned but, instead, the text is returned as the value of the cfservlet.output variable