Overview ColdFusion Open BlueDragon Lucee

Turn OpenBD into a full incoming SMTP agent, accepting emails and process them using a standard CFC object. Full logs are created in the OpenBD working directory. Any errors are also logged here.


Name Required Type Default Description
action No Starts up the SMTP server
application No The name of the CFAPPLICATION that is to be present when executing a CFC inside a mail request
cfcfilter No The name of the CFC that will be created to handle the filtering of the email. You can opt to receive an email or not very early on, saving lots of bandwidth by implementing the method onMailTo(email,ip) and onMailFrom(email,ip) returning back true or false depending on if you wish to receive this email
cfcmail No The name of the CFC that will be created for each email that comes in. The method onMailAccept( mail ) must be present. A new instance is created for each email
ipaddress No The IP address to listen for incoming requests
port No The port number to which to listen for incoming SMTP requests from
resultvar No Used for ACTION=STATUS to receive the status update