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Executes a stored procedure in a server database. It specifies database connection information and identifies the stored procedure.


Name Required Type Default Description
blockfactor No Numeric Maximum number of rows to get at a time from server. Range is 1 to 100.
cachedafter No This is the age of which the query data can be
cachedwithin No
cacheid No String No Help Available
cachename No This is specific to JTags, and allows you to give the cache a specific name
cacheregion No String No Help Available
clientinfo No Struct Clientinfo properties to set on the database connection
connectstring No The contents of a connection string to send to the ODBC server.
datasource Yes String Name of data source that points to database that contains stored procedure.
dbname No The database name 'Sybase System 11 driver onl'. If specified, dbName overrides the default database specified in the data source.
dbserver No For native database drivers, specifies the name of the database server computer. If specified, dbServer overrides the server specified in the data source.
dbtype No The database driver type.
debug No Boolean false Yes: Lists debug information on each statement No: does not
fetchclientinfo No Boolean Flag to indicate if clientinfo properties should be set in the result variable.
password No String Overrides password in data source setup.
procedure Yes String Name of stored procedure on database server.
provider No COM provider 'OLE-DB only'.
providerdsn No Data source name for the COM provider 'OLE-DB only'.
result No VariableName Specifies a name for the structure in which cfstoredproc returns the statusCode and ExecutionTime variables. If set, this value replaces cfstoredproc as the prefix to use when accessing those variables.
returncode No Boolean false Yes: Tag populates cfstoredproc.statusCode with status code returned by stored procedure. No: does not
timeout No Numeric Connection timeout value
username No String Overrides username in data source setup.