Overview ColdFusion Open BlueDragon Lucee

Intelligently manage CSS files by collecting multiple files together and on-the-fly optimizing them to reduce their size and readability. It will only include CSS files once per page request, even if they are specified multiple times in multiple tags throughout the page request.


Name Required Type Default Description
href No Same as the SRC tag - there for drop-in speed
media No The media attribute for the underlying link tag
minimize No Flag to control whether the resulting CSS block is to be optimized removing all whitespace, comments and line breaks
output No Controls where the resulting CSS gets placed in the HTML file. Values are 'INLINE', 'HEAD' or 'BODY'. This lets you put the result in the HEAD of the page, or at the end of the page for faster loading
path No The path for the link to be seen to be coming from
src No A comma-separated list or array of CSS files to manage. If omitted then use a closing tag, and place the CSS inside the tag