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Throws a developer-specified exception, which can be caught with a cfcatch tag that has any of the following type attribute options: type = "custom_type" type = "Application" type = "Any"


Name Required Type Default Description
contextlevel No entry context level
detail No String Description of the event. CFML appends error position to description; server uses this parameter if an error is not caught by your code.
errorcode No String A custom error code that you supply.
extendedinfo No String A custom error code that you supply.
message No String Message that describes exception event.
object No Object Requires the value of the cfobject tag name attribute. Throws a Java exception from a CFML tag. This attribute is mutually exclusive with all other attributes of this tag.
type No String Application * A custom type * Application Do not enter another predefined type; types are not generated by CFML applications. If you specify Application, you need not specify a type for cfcatch.