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Updates records in a data source from data in a CFML form or form Scope.


Name Required Type Default Description
clientinfo No Struct Struct containing Clientinfo properties to be set on the database connection
datasource Yes String Name of the data source that contains the table
formfields No String Comma-delimited list of form fields to update. If a form field is not matched by a column name in the database, CFML throws an error. The formFields lies must include the database table primary key field, which must be present in the form. It can be hidden.
password No String Overrides password value specified in ODBC setup.
tablename Yes String Name of table to update. For ORACLE drivers, must be uppercase. For Sybase driver: case-sensitive; must be in same case as used when the table was created
tableowner No String For data sources that support table ownership (for example, SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase SQL Anywhere), the table owner.
tablequalifier No String For data sources that support table qualifiers. The purpose of table qualifiers is as follows: SQL Server and Oracle: name of database that contains table Intersolv dBASE driver: directory of DBF files
username No String Overrides username value specified in ODBC setup.