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Serializes and deserializes CFML data structures to the XML-based WDDX format. The WDDX is an XML vocabulary for describing complex data structures in a standard, generic way. Implementing it lets you use the HTTP protocol to such information among application server platforms, application servers, and browsers. This tag generates JavaScript statements to instantiate JavaScript objects equivalent to the contents of a WDDX packet or CFML data structure. Interoperates with Unicode.


Name Required Type Default Description
action Yes String cfml2wddx: serialize CFML to WDDX wddx2cfml: deserialize WDDX to CFML cfml2js: serialize CFML to JavaScript wddx2js: deserialize WDDX to JavaScript
input Yes String A value to process
output No VariableName Name of variable for output. If action = "WDDX2JS" or "CFML2JS", and this attribute is omitted, result is output in HTML stream.
toplevelvariable No String Name of top-level JavaScript object created by deserialization. The object is an instance of the WddxRecordset object.
usetimezoneinfo No Boolean true Whether to output time-zone information when serializing CFML to WDDX. - Yes: the hour-minute offset, represented in ISO8601 format, is output. - No: the local time is output.
validate No Boolean false Applies if action = "wddx2cfml" or "wddx2js". - Yes: validates WDDX input with an XML parser using WDDX DTD. If parser processes input without error, packet is deserialized. Otherwise, an error is thrown. - No: no input validation
version No This attribute allows the selection of the WDDX version to be used. This attribute only applies when ACTION = "cfml2wddx".
xmlconform No